Spotlight on sustainability at Parliament House

18 Oct 2012 by Fabian

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Despite the fact that Western Australia’s Parliament House was built in 1904,  the Parliamentary Services Department is still strongly committed to making it a sustainable and efficient building.

Among many other initiatives, like converting lights to LEDs and installing solar panels, Parliamentary Services has implemented a real-time resource monitoring system from Greensense. The system includes an interactive dashboard display and online reports to track electricity, water, and gas use in the building. As part of ongoing work to engaging staff, Parliamentary Services has recently added ‘Spotlight Modules’ to their POWAnet Intranet.

Spotlight Modules are live embedded charts that can be embedded in an existing web page, and we have a variety of styles available. While staff or other stakeholders can still access the complete dashboard to get the full picture, these modules provide another quick view of what’s happening and provide a reminder that building resource use is being monitored.

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