Green Star for public buildings goes live

15 Jul 2013 by Peter

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After a successful trial period, the Green Building Council of Australia has recently launched version 1 of the much anticipated Public Building rating tool. This means that, for the first time, local councils and government departments can now have their new and refurbished buildings Green Star certified.

This addition to the Green Star stable means the rating scheme now covers commercial offices, public buildings, education, healthcare, industrial facilities, multi-residential developments and retail.

At Greensense we’re delighted by the release of the Public Building tool. Not only does it support a sector that are big supporters of ours – councils and government departments, we love you – but it gives particular focus to a topic close to our hearts, namely, how people travel to and from buildings. Of all the choices we make in our day-to-day lives, deciding how we get from A to B is one of the most significant from an environmental perspective.

This has been formally recognized in the Public Building tool with the inclusion of a new credit, Tra-6: Transport Design and Planning, specifically designed to reward buildings with good public and sustainability transport options.

The stated aim of this credit, quoting verbatim from the technical manual, is “to encourage and recognise site design and planning that promote transport modes of low environmental impact.”

There are two points available under TRA-6:

  • One point is awarded for good pedestrian and cyclist access, together with the development of a travel plan that includes sustainability transport initiatives.
  • A second point is available for providing information on local public transport options, with a preference for a real time system that can be displayed electronically.

With our ability to integrate live public transport feeds into Greensense View®, we can directly assist you in achieving this second point and we’re already supporting a number of new public building development projects seeking certification.

If you’re a local council or government department and are interested in the new Public Building tool and how we can help, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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