Is your Rec Centre out of shape?

11 Feb 2014 by Peter

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A recreation centre with a pool will on average consume 74% more energy than an office building and lose 22% of its water to leaks. The good news is, there are often plenty of opportunities for savings.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get into shape? Maybe your rec centre should do the same.

Rec centres are notoriously high utility users – a centre with a pool will on average consume 74% more energy than an admin office* and lose 22% of its water to leaks**. According to Sydney Water, these leaks can cost $500 a day**.

Today Greensense kicked off a campaign to help get rec centres into shape. Company Director and co-founder Pete Tickler explains, “What with the extensive lighting, air con, pool heating and water requirements, it’s not surprising that a rec centre’s utility bill is typically sky high. With rising costs, this becomes a bigger concern.

“The good news is that there are often lots of ways to improve efficiency, if you know where to look.

“One way to find these hidden opportunities is through real-time monitoring of utility use. This enables managers to compare consumption across days, weeks and months to spot anomalies.

“Managers will often notice high energy throughout the day even during quiet off-peak times; or an overactive air con system that’s kicking in at funny hours; or the tell-tales spikes in water use that indicate a leak. Added together, these can amount to big savings.

“A great example is the City of Subiaco. After 12 months of real-time monitoring, they were able to reduce energy use at their Lord’s rec centre by 19% and out of hours water use, a sign of leaks, by 68%.

“They were also able to accurately track the impact of their efficiency projects such as LED lighting, solar panels and new shower heads.”

To find out more about how real-time monitoring can help get rec centres (or any buildings for that matter) into shape, head to our website page ‘Get Your Rec Centre Into Shape’ >>


Sources: *Greensense system data; **Sydney Water – Best practice guidelines for water management in aquatic leisure centres


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  1. Rod Howell says:

    The continual increasing costs of utilities proves what your saying is true, water efficiency in these facilities is paramount also, fixing the leaks is very important, finding new innovative ways to save water is equally important for our sustainable future

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