Introducing Posterboards™ – Sustainability on the Big Screen

01 Mar 2014 by Peter

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We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new product, Posterboards™.

Powered by real-time sustainability performance data from Greensense View®, these are custom-designed, animated displays for large screens in public areas.

So, aside from looking super-cool (some eye candy in the video below), why have we developed this product and exactly what value does it deliver?

Branding your building

An area of growing interest to our clients is how they can integrate their green brand within their building.

When you think about it, this represents a considerable opportunity. Many of an organisation’s stakeholders – staff, customers, investors, suppliers – spend a great deal of time in their offices or facilities. They wait in lobbies, they walk through corridors, they relax in canteens and breakout areas.

Each of these can be turned into a touch-point for sustainability teams to deliver content to their audiences.

The next level of sustainability displays

Many of our clients are already onto this and display their Greensense View® dashboard on public screens. This is proven to be a highly effective way to engage building occupants; however we were increasingly receiving requests for tailor-made solutions – displays that incorporated an organisation’s specific branding and messaging.

This led to the development of Posterboards™ – which we believe are a new benchmark in sustainability and occupant engagement displays.

In short, they offer a high-impact solution for any organisation that wants to showcase performance, engage staff, and highlight sustainability leadership.

How do they work?

The displays – typically a rotation of 5+ animated screens – are updated in real-time using data from Greensense View®. They can feature energy, water, waste, indoor air quality, solar generation, stair use… anything that contributes to an organisation’s green story. They can also include additional content such as videos, office-specific messages, award win announcements or the launch of new initiatives.

Getting started

The first step is a session with our highly talented Interface Designer, who will ask about goals, ideas, branding and messaging. Following this, he’ll create some concepts which, when approved, will be built by our techs and beamed live on a big screen of choice.

A little sample

The funky little video below includes some examples of how RAC, Toyota and a Big 4 Bank are currently using Posterboards™.

If you’re interested in finding out more, just drop us a line here.

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