Big News! Greensense is being acquired by ERM Power

16 Dec 2015 by Peter

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Big news everyone!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Greensense is being acquired by ERM Power.

ERM Power is the second largest electricity retailer to commercial and industrials across Australia, and also sells electricity in several markets in the United States.

When we started Greensense we wanted to connect everyone with their energy and sustainability data. We work really closely with building owners and operators, but since the beginning we’ve also worked with utility partners.

One of the things that has surprised us the most over the last few years is how much change and innovation is going on in the utility space, and we think this is only going to accelerate. Data and digital services are going to be at the heart of the utility of the future, which is what makes joining ERM Power so exciting.

We also really like the fact that we share a common culture of agility and innovation with ERM Power, along with a really strong focus on customer service.

Greensense will continue as an independent team within ERM Power, and we’ll continue to improve and expand our Greensense View® software service.

We’ll also continue to be super focused on supporting and growing our user base, and working with all of our industry partners in the Green Building and Utility industries.

We’d like to personally thank our team and all of our awesome customers for the fantastic journey so far. Here’s to a bright green future and the next chapter in the Greensense story!

Fabian & Pete

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