Toyota WA Headquarter’s Posterboard Looking Good From Every Angle

17 Dec 2015 by Peter

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Recently we ventured out to Toyota WA’s multi award winning architecturally designed headquarters in Kewdale, Perth, camera in hand, to snap some pics of their Greensense Posterboard display in action. We thought it looked pretty awesome!

Greensense Posterboard at Toyota Kewdale

The building was designed to deliver substantial environmental savings and is WA’s first 5 Star Green Star rated office building outside Perth’s CBD. It utilises sustainable design principles and has a host of ESD features such as a 22 kW solar PV system and three wind turbines, which together reduce the building’s peak electricity demand by 15% and generate 45% of the buildings electricity needs. Additionally, there is an integrated blackwater treatment system to ensure not a drop of water goes to waste. Perhaps we’re biased but our favourite feature is the 5 m2 video wall which displays our Posterboard software in the entrance foyer.

If you’d like to chat about a sustainability information display for your building please get in touch.

Greensense Posterboard at Toyota Kewdale

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