[Infographic] 15 Energy Saving Tips to Give Your Building a Holiday

Many office buildings will still be working hard over the holiday period – using lots of energy – despite being largely empty. Here’s how you can give your building a well-earned break.

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Newsletter – October ’15

Allow me to let you in on a secret; managing the energy performance of buildings is a lot like managing a room full of kids: You can watch them like a hawk and everything is fine, nothing to see, but turn your back for a moment and all hell can break loose. If you think that your buildings are performing perfectly when you’re not watching, then put yourself in the same category as parents who think their kids are always little angels: You’re deluded.

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Newsletter – April ’15

Demand management: why it is important and what happens when you get it wrong; Occupant engagement: People power and the performance gap – tips on engaging building users; Energy reporting: why months are ridiculous; Why green buildings are failing the people test; Showcasing performance at new 6 Green Star education building.

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Newsletter – January ’15

Energy efficiency: picking up the water melons (and why it hurts if you don’t); Engaging staff and students at Uni of Melbourne’s latest high performance building; On signing up to CitySwitch and walking the talk, Understanding electricity demand – Part 2.

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Newsletter – July ’15

Energy data: where does it come from and what is it good for?; Make friends with your finance team: 5 ways that your energy data can win them over; After hours energy use – a great place to start; Leading high performance buildings choose Greensense Posterboard; Topping out’ at ALDI; Webinar: Bringing sustainability to the big screen.

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Newsletter – September ’14

Are you a defacto energy manager? The easiest way for portfolio managers to reduce energy costs. Saving time with smart alerts. Case study: WA police.

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Newsletter – April ’14

Reducing energy use across a portfolio; some tips for how to turn dull sustainability data into valuable business insights; and some views on the future of energy.

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Newsletter – January ’14

Why average office energy use was up 72% on December 25; Five summer energy saving tips; and tracking how your building performs in the heat.

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Newsletter – November ’13

Reducing water leaks; discussing whether people are idiots; and a free ebook.

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Newsletter – September ’13

Creating an ‘energy positive’ building; a cool video; and a case study on Australia’s first carbon neutral school.

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Product Overview

A 2min overview of a Greensense View® dashboard and how it can help you improve energy efficiency, educate building users and showcase sustainability performance.

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Posterboards™ – Sustainability on the Big Screen

Powered by your Greensense View® data, Posterboards™ are custom-designed, animated displays for large screens in public areas. They’re the perfect way to make an impact with sustainability messages and engage stakeholders.

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Showcasing and sharing: How to communicate energy efficiency projects to your staff and the community

For many councils, providing an effective way to communicate building energy efficiency and sustainability projects to the broader community can be challenging. It is rightly seen as an important role of council, and in some instances is a mandatory component of green building projects, but is an area that often comes up short.

This webinar will discuss those challenges and some technology options that can be used to more effectively engage the community, and council staff, around these initiatives. Topics covered will include:

  • Data – where can you get it and how should it be used to best tell the sustainability story to a non-technical audience.
  • Knowing your audience – understand who you’re trying to communicate to and make sure the information, message and presentation is tailored accordingly.
  • Common hurdles – and how to get over them.
  • Case studies – some applied examples from Australian councils
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Moving from reporting to active building performance management

Councils have been actively involved in energy, water and carbon reporting for a few years now. These reporting efforts are nearly always time consuming, laborious and rarely delver any meaningful value. Often far too much time is spent trying to manually collate and validate billing data and very little time is spent using data to drive improvements in energy or water efficiency.

This webinar will discuss the shift from reporting to performance management and areas that councils need to consider to make this shift. Topics covered will include:

  • Data – what data is available for councils, from periodic billing data to real-time meter data, and how it can be used to deliver meaningful insights into building performance.
  • Analysis versus action – how data can support and direct investment in building upgrades and track and showcase the results.
  • Common hurdles – and how to get over them.
  • Case studies – some applied examples from Australian councils.
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Bringing sustainability to the big screen

See why leading high performance buildings choose Greensense Posterboard to showcase ESD and engage occupants.

Wed, Aug 5, 2015 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

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In recent times there has been an emerging trend in the green building space to actively educate and engage occupants around building performance. Drivers of this trend include:

  • Green Star – earning Green Star Learning Resources points under Education v1, Public Buildings v1 and the new Design and As Built v1 tool.
  • Showcasing – building owners looking to showcase the cool ESD features of their new high-performance building.
  • Occupant participation – a developing recognition within the industry that occupants are in fact a critical part of the building ecosystem and that high performance buildings will fail to achieve their design intent if occupants are not brought on the journey. See our previous post;
  • Commitment – a desire by organisations to demonstrate to staff, students, customers and other stakeholders that they walk the talk; that they have an ongoing and demonstrable commitment to sustainability and to the wellbeing of the people that use their buildings.

This webinar will provide an overview of our experiences in this space with our Posterboard software and discuss some of the tricks, tips and practical considerations for projects looking to go down this route.

Topics covered will include:

  • Data – integration with metering networks, building management systems and how best to use data to tell the ESD story.
  • Knowing your audience – understand who you’re trying to communicate to and make sure the information, message and presentation is tailored accordingly.
  • Common hurdles – and how to get over them, including how to specify an occupant engagement solution.
  • Case studies – some applied examples from Australian projects.

Wed, Aug 5, 2015 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
Wed, Aug 5, 2015 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM AWST

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