Local government planning for an EV future

12 Jul 2009 by Annette

Vancouver City Council has recently passed new building regulations requiring developers to include charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) in at least 20 per cent of parking bays in new multi-dwelling buildings. The Council have…

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Real-time electricity metering in Perth homes

15 Jun 2009 by Phil

Sunday evening’s TV news featured a story that 500 homes in Perth would participate in a trial to receive real-time energy meters in their homes.  These energy meters allow residents to see how much…

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National broadband network should have a green lining

08 Apr 2009 by Annette

The government today announced a new ‘superfast’ [sic] national broadband network. This will be one of the biggest ever infrastructure projects in Australia and at its peek might support 37,000 jobs. With the right…

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Greensense partners with Carbon Navigator

12 Jan 2009 by Peter

We are pleased to announce Greensense has become a consulting partner with Carbon Navigator, a leading online carbon management solution developed by Tradeslot Tradeslot are members of the Emissions Trading Scheme Advisory Panel of the…

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