Is your Rec Centre out of shape?

11 Feb 2014 by Peter

A recreation centre will typically use 74% more energy than an office and lose 22% of its water to leaks. The good news is there are often plenty of opportunities for savings.

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Being positive

09 Sep 2013 by Annette

At Greensense we think it’s great to aspire to be carbon neutral. In fact we were extremely chuffed to be closely involved with Australia’s first carbon neutral school and we work closely with Western…

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Visualising water leaks with Greensense View

08 Jun 2012 by Peter

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. When you’re trying to figure out if you’ve got a water leak or not, that’s especially true! We recently went live with Greensense View® for…

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Nudging people with Hawthorne

20 Jun 2011 by Annette

The ‘Hawthorne Effect’ is a psychological phenomenon in which subjects in behavioural studies change their performance in response to being observed or surveyed. According to Wikipedia, the term was coined in the 1950s based on analysis…

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Reducing water demand: the Productivity Commission’s view

25 Apr 2011 by Annette

The Productivity Commission recently released the draft report from its inquiry into Australia’s urban water sector. The goal of the inquiry is to “identify opportunities for efficiency gains in the structural, institutional, regulatory and other arrangements…

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