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“After 12 months of using Greensense View®, we’ve reduced energy by 19% and out of hours water use by 68%”


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Reduce energy, water and waste

Armed with a real-time view of consumption, you can instantly act on issues and opportunities.

  • Drill down on your building energy use to identify big savings
  • Spot anomalies in real time – such as high night-time loads, water leaks or over-worked HVAC
  • Benchmark across your portfolio to see best and worst performers

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Engage building users

Whether it’s staff, students or communities, ultimately a building’s occupants will determine its sustainability performance.

  • Display your Greensense View® dashboard on screens and kiosks to educate building users
  • Run campaigns – such as energy saving competitions – to motivate behavioral change
  • Showcase retrofits and attain Green Star points

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Streamline reporting

Greensense View® isn’t just a cool energy monitoring dashboard – below the surface the system gives managers access to a complete historical record of the raw and calculated data required for environmental reporting.

  • Accurately track and report on energy, water and waste costs and emissions
  • Use heat maps, portfolio comparisons and trend tracking to aid decision making
  • Easily extract the data required for NABERS and NGER

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