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Showcase your sustainability

Powered by your Greensense View® data, Posterboards™ are custom-designed, animated displays for large screens in public areas.

They’re the perfect way to:

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 An energy dashboard that educates, engages and inspires


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While real-time monitoring can deliver great results, huge opportunities can be missed if building users – whether that’s staff, students or communities – aren’t involved in the process.

This is where a Greensense View® sustainability and energy monitoring dashboard comes in – helping you to educate stakeholders by providing feedback that is interesting, actionable and sparks enthusiasm.

Imagine how much more engaged your stakeholders would be if they could see:

To reach your audiences, your Greensense View® energy dashboard can be displayed on monitor screens, mobile devices, embedded in your intranet or as an interactive kiosk.

[Case study] How the Royal Automotive Club WA uses energy dashboard displays to drive staff awareness at its head office

[Case study] How an energy saving contest helped seven schools to reduce energy consumption by 33% in 7 weeks

Promote retrofits and building performance

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Many organisations invest in energy and water efficiency projects – solar PV, cogeneration, lighting and other upgrades – then find it difficult to accurately measure and communicate the impact.

Greensense View® enables you to track the contribution and savings, then showcase the results.

[Case study] How the Australian National University is using dashboard displays to showcase performance of its 5-star green accommodation building

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