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Monitor building energy use in real time

Monitor energy consumption with Greensense View

As the saying goes, “You can only manage what you measure.”

With Greensense View®, you can monitor building energy use in real-time on an engaging dashboard – arming you with the insights you need to improve energy efficiency.

You can view the peaks and troughs of your building’s energy use – comparing performance across days, weeks, months or years to spot opportunities and save money.

Perhaps you’re using too much energy after hours? Or have an overworked HVAC? Is a particular floor of your building letting you down? You’ll know exactly where to focus to see maximum results.

[Case study] How seven schools reduced energy consumption by 33% in 7 weeks
[Ebook] Out of Hours: The Easiest Way to Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Detect water leaks before they cost you

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Just one dripping tap can waste 2,000 litres a month. And a full-blown leak can cost a whole lot more – especially if it takes weeks to realise there is one.

By seeing your building’s real-time water consumption on Greensense View®, you can immediately spot the tell-tale spikes that indicate a leak, of water and money.

[Case study] How the City of Subiaco reduced out-of-hours water use (a common sign of leaks) by 68%
Case study] How Australia’s first carbon neutral school saved thousands of dollars by tracking down a mystery leak

Opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle waste

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By tracking waste within Greensense View®, you can centrally manage all your building sustainability data in one place.

Monitoring can be done by waste stream – including general waste, co-mingled recycling and paper – and by treatment routes, including landfill with/without flaring and anaerobic digestion. Data can be inputted manually or integrated with your waste management provider’s standard reports.

  • View automatic calculations of emissions based on the current National Greenhouse Account emission factors
  • Display results in interesting ways, such as “waste to landfill vs. waste recycled”, or “pages printed per person”

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