Australian National University

Showcasing the sustainability performance of its 5-Star green accommodation building

Educating & engaging students
In its new super-green accommodation building, Lena Carmel Lodge, ANU is using the Greensense View® sustainability software displayed on dashboards, showing up-to-the-minute electricity, water and gas use.

The aim is to educate students about the building’s green features and motivate them to reduce resource consumption.

Real-time data on electricity, water and gas use was provided by the Siemens Apogee building management system. This included data on the renewable energy plant as well as the rainwater harvesting.

Competitions shown on energy dashboards

Energy dashboards provide live feedback to students on how their day-to-day choices impact the building’s sustainability performance. Competitions have been set up so that everyone can see how individual floors and wings are performing.

Take the stairs
In an Australian first, following the installation of sensors, students are able to visualise the energy saved and calories burned by choosing to take the stairs rather than use the lifts, following the installation of hardware to monitor stair use.

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