City of Stirling

A granular view of resource use in civic office and aquatic centres

City of Stirling Admin CentreLocated in Perth’s northern suburbs, the City of Stirling is WA’s largest local government by population, with 205,960 residents. The City has implemented a broad range of sustainability initiatives aimed at saving power, water and reducing its footprint.

Energy management plan
In its Corporate Energy Management Plan, Stirling identified its top ten highest energy consuming buildings and has set the target of reducing energy consumption across its assets by 32% over three years. Projects include implementing solar PV, installing co-gen, replacing lighting and BMS systems, upgrading HVAC and other general energy efficiency upgrades.

“A view we don’t otherwise see”
To help monitor energy consumption and water use in its admin centre and two aquatic centres, Stirling implemented Greensense View® sustainability and energy monitoring software.

Clayton Chipper, Coordinator of Sustainability at the City of Stirling said, “Greensense View provides us with a granular view of building performance we don’t otherwise see. We recently invested in solar black matting in our aquatic centre to reduce gas consumption. Through the software, we were able to compare results to previous performance to assess the efficiencies.”

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