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Getting the Lords rec centre into shape

The Lords recreation centre in the City of Subiaco is one of Perth’s largest sport and fitness facilities – including a gym, multi-purpose court facilities, a 25-meter indoor heated pool and the city’s largest group fitness studio.

Within Subiaco’s portfolio of buildings, Lords is also the city’s highest utilities user and so the operations team started undertaking a number of initiatives to improve efficiency.

This included using Greensense View® sustainability monitoring software to provide an in-depth, real-time view of energy and water use.

Lords Recreation CentreSignificant reduction in energy and water use
In the 12 months since using Greensense View®, average energy consumption at Lords decreased by 19%. In addition, out of hours water use, a benchmark used for leak detection, dropped by 68%.

Analysing peaks and troughs
Robert Verboon, Coordinator Facility Operations at Lords, said, “I have the Greensense View® dashboard on my screen all day to look at our peaks and troughs of our energy and water use. For example, with the swimming pool I can match our consumption to attendances. This helps with budgeting and, if at any time we spot something outside the norm, we can act on it right away.”

Tracking the impact of upgrades
“We recently installed 45 LED lights, so are carefully monitoring the energy reduction. There are also new solar panels up on the roof and we’re undertaking a number of actions to reduce water including repairing leaks, replacing showerheads and fixing up the toilets. These alone will deliver big savings.

“We’re now looking at what we’ll do with fans and pumps in the swimming pool. The pump runs 365 days a year, so that’s a good opportunity to reduce energy and quickly see ROI.”

Educating visitors
“Our next step is to communicate this information more widely and we’re planning to place a screen showing our Greensense View® dashboard in the main reception area to help people get a better understanding of what we’re doing.”

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