Fremantle Sailing Club


The Fremantle Sailing Club is one of Australia’s premier yacht clubs and plays a key role in the West Australian maritime community. FSC is home to over 3000 members with the site comprising 28 hectares of water and 6 hectares of land. The facilities include a clubhouse with bars, restaurant, commercial kitchen and function rooms accommodating up to 800 people, a world class works area providing comprehensive services including lifting facilities, work sheds, launching ramps, hardstands, fuel jetty and chandlery services. The marina holds 677 water pens, 220 hardstands and 65 dinghy bays.

Committed to improving efficiency

In 2013 FCS embarked on a mission to reduce their environmental impact and associated energy and water costs. In mid-2014 Greensense View® software was deployed in conjunction with a sub-metering roll-out to allow continuous, real-time monitoring of energy and water consumption across the facility, allowing the club to identify operational efficiency issues and manage the Club’s sustainability performance.

Monitoring delivers results

After 21 months of using Greensense View®, annual electricity consumption at FSC was reduced by 8%, or 86,000 kWh, which equates to savings worth about $22,000 per year. This is an impressive achievement despite significant upgrades made to the club house, including a major expansion of the commercial kitchen and office facilities to incorporate the many Sections of the FSC. One of the largest reductions in electricity consumption was a direct result of on-billing the powered pens and bays, made possible by implementing a sub-metering network. Previously boat owners had no visibility of the amount of energy their vessels consumed when plugged in to the mains. This reduced jetty electricity consumption by 5%, or 23,500 kWh per year, a saving worth around $6,000 on it’s own.

The FSC have worked equally hard on tackling water consumption over the past two years and have been rewarded by winning a Gold award in 2014 for reducing water consumption by 35-50% and the Platinum Champion award in 2015 for reducing water consumption by over 50% from the Water Corporation, as part of the Water Efficiency Management Plan program. The Club achieved this with the help of Greensense View® to identify leaks and operational efficiency issues in real-time as well as implementing water restriction devices, more efficient taps in bathrooms and more efficient toilet cisterns.

An example of Greensense View® detecting a major leak at FSC is illustrated in the screenshot below. In this case a smart alert was set to detect any leaks or irregular water consumption occurring during the night using a ‘daily minimum flow rate’ alert, which in this example is triggered if the water flow rate does not drop below the threshold of 400 L/hr.

Smart Alert_FSC_Daily Minimum Flow Rate

In the above example, the event initially occurs on the 23rd, gradually becoming worse until the minimum daily water flow rate is seven times higher than usual, with the issue taking six days to be rectified. This relatively short lasting leak resulted in an additional 453,300 L of water being consumed. If the issue had gone on undetected for the length of a single billing period, 61 days, then the cost would have been in the order of $9,000*.

The Club has recently been looking at investing in solar PV to offset electricity consumption. Greensense View not only makes the analysis for such a project very simple and robust, but will monitor the system’s performance once it is installed to help the Club manage their investment.

*Based on a combined water use and service charge of $2.61/kL.

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