Water Corporation

Using in-home dashboards to monitor water consumption

Greensense partnered with the Water Corporation, Western Australia’s water utility, and environmental consultancy ENV, as part of the H2OmeSmart campaign.

The campaign aimed to help households in Perth and Geraldton reduce water consumption and encourage water efficiency.

A dashboard in every home

Greensense View® water monitoring dashboards were installed in each home to enable home owners to monitor water consumption, to better understand and then reduce their water use.

The web based dashboard showed not only their own water use – both in real time as well as historical trends – but also a view of how their consumption compared to other households in the H2Ome Smart program.

Using feedback and context to promote behaviour change

This timely, engaging feedback played a crucial role in helping people understand where, when and why they use water. Central to this program was context. For many people, it was the ability to see how their performance compares to others that really brought the data to life.

The context was provided in two ways: Firstly, by showing a leaderboard of how each homeowner’s water use compared to other participants; and, secondly, by using predefined benchmarks to categorise each home’s water use from “very high” to “very low”.

The motivation of competition

An exciting feature of this campaign was how competitive the households became about their water use. Competition can be a fantastic component of a behaviour change campaign and is often a great way to get people engaged.

Participants said they were working hard to improve their position on the leaderboard – and were even using the real-time data to compete with family members, in particular around who spends more time in the shower.

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