Patersons Stadium

Creating a more energy efficient stadium

The WA Football Commission operates Patersons stadium, Western Australia’s premier sporting facility. The facility previously had energy costs of $800,000 per year that were rising. With no provision in leasing arrangements to on-bill electricity charges, the WAFC wanted to reduce energy consumption to create a more energy efficient stadium.

Establishing a Green Team
Greensense View At Paterson's StadiumTo achieve this, meters were installed to collect data on energy use. Real-time feedback was then displayed to all stakeholders on the Greensense View® energy monitoring dashboard. Added to this a ‘Green Team’ was established among the facility’s tenants to help drive change.

Identifying $80,000 of savings
Energy savings were identified within three days of the system being online. Over the first 12 months, $80,000 of savings were identified from wasted energy and behavioural change representing a 10% year-on-year saving with a payback period of less than 6 months.

Geoff Glass, the WAFC’s Director of Facilities and Planning was encouraged by the project and the opportunities it presented to create a more energy efficient stadium. He said, “The Greensense project at Patersons Stadium has allowed us as venue managers, to better understand our energy usage and will provide staff with real time feedback to reduce energy consumption. It will also stimulate ideas and ways for all venue occupiers to explore further savings in energy usage and greenhouse emissions.”

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