Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Helping to provide the Pilbara’s most sustainable mining accommodation

Rio Tinto is the world’s second largest supplier of iron ore, with its operations in Western Australia’s Pilbara region producing over 220 million tonnes of ore each year.

Rio Tinto Mining AccommodationNo small challenge
Delivering on this scale of production requires a huge workforce and significant infrastructure, including over 2,800 properties for employee accommodation. Providing homes that are both comfortable and environmentally sustainable is no small feat in a climate as harsh as the Pilbara’s, where temperatures regularly hit 40 degrees, and where energy and water are scarce commodities.

Engaging residents
To this end, Rio Tinto has launched a project to provide sustainable makeovers to its existing housing stock, including upgrades to insulation, air conditioning and hot water systems. Greensense was engaged to provide real time monitoring of energy and water consumption for these properties. Data is used by Rio Tinto to help quantify the energy and water savings from the project, as well as to inform future investment. In addition, occupants have access to the data to help them identify additional ways to save energy and water in their home.

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