Western Power Schools Challenge

Using educational dashboards and some friendly competition to reduce energy consumption by 33%

The Bring It Down project, run in partnership with Western Power, challenged seven schools to reduce energy consumption over seven weeks.

The scope of this project included implementing advanced metering in each school, providing an interactive Greensense View® energy management dashboard for each school, including its competition module, and providing e-mail coaching.

A 33% reduction in energy usage

Every school in the competition made dramatic energy savings. The average weekly reduction was 26%. Together the schools saved over 64,500 kWh of electricity and a 33% reduction against their combined weekly historical baselines. This is enough energy to power 10 average homes and saved almost 60 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Consumption Competition

The biggest total energy saving was made by Ballajura Community College, which saved more than 23,500kWh, representing a 16% reduction against their weekly historical baseline.

These savings didn’t require capital investment in new green technology, but were made just by building awareness and reducing energy consumption at the schools. To achieve the same savings using new PV systems, would have required more than 310kW of capacity across the schools.

The schools in the competition ranged from one of the largest secondary schools in the state, down to small independent primary schools. Tackling this waste could provide huge benefits to the community.

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