Get your Rec Centre into shape with Greensense View®

Councils across Australia are using Greensense View® sustainability monitoring software
to reduce energy and water, then showcase the results


Improve energy efficiency

Pool heating, equipment and long operating hours make recreation centres energy suckers. In fact, our analysis found that rec centres with a pool use on average 74% more energy than a council’s civic centre.

With Greensense View® you can:

  • Monitor energy and water use in real time to quickly identify issues and opportunities
  • Compare consumption across days, week and months to spot savings

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Find leaks before they cost you

According to a report by Sydney Water, leaks represent on average 22% of an aquatic centre’s water use and a typical leak can cost $500 a day.

By monitoring water use in real time with Greensense View®, you can detect leaks instantly and act fast.

Track how your investments are performing

Whether you’ve invested in solar, cogeneration, new shower heads, water tanks or other upgrades, Greensense View® shows exactly how much they’re saving you – in dollars and efficiency gains.

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Educate and engage visitors

Your Greensense View® dashboard can be displayed on screens and interactive kiosks to educate visitors and help tell your sustainability story.

  • Provide useful tips to visitors and staff
  • Showcase your initiatives and results

Subi get its Rec Centre into shape

After 12 months of using Greensense View®, the City of Subiaco was able to reduce energy consumption by 19% and out-of-hours water use by 68%. Click here to find out how they did it.

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